Novella 2000
Novella 2000 -2-
Diva e Donna
Vanity Fair
Italian newspapers on MDNA, the complete report, logo free.

As usual, the scans logo free of CHI, italian weekly magazine. Enjoy!
Gente magazine (number 8/2012) dedicates two pages on Superbowl performance by the queen of pop.
Here it is: a new magazine cover from Sport Week!
from MadonnaTribe:
Madonna will be on cover of Italian sport magazine "Sport Week" tomorrow, with a gorgeous cover featuring an image from the "Human Nature" performance on the Sticky & Sweet Tour, to anticipate Sunday's Super Bowl halftime show.

Thanks to SquareMadonna, take a look at "A" magazine
On the ghost cover of Tv Sorrisi & Canzoni
_There was a time, TV Sorrisi & Canzoni was a reliable source
There was a time Tv Sorrisi & Canzoni was the best selling magazine in Italy
There was a time Tv Sorrisi & Canzoni dedicated very amazing covers to Madonna

Not anymore.

And it's since 2001 that TV Sorrisi & Canzoni didn't dedicate a cover to the undisputed queen of pop...
So what about this (ghost) "cover" of the new Tv Sorrisi & Canzoni?? And what about the terrible picture? mhhhhh...