Mdna is up two places and it's now #14 on italian official chart by fimi
Madonna on Italian Fimi charts this week
MDNA is #1 on the italian comprehensive chart published on Tv Sorrisi & Canzoni (FIMI/GFK). Celebration is #38,
But we need a cover of Tv Sorrisi & Canzoni since 2000!!

3 Albums are on the top 100 Fimi official italian charts:

28 - Celebration
82 - True Blue
93 - Sticky & Sweet Tour

On single chart, Give me all your luvin' is up to n.8 from n.10.

Give me all your luvin' re-enter italian top 10 by FIMI. And a new album is on the top 100... check it out!
Celebration rises up again on FIMI italian official chart!
Afer spending 4 weeks in the top ten, Give me all your luvin' is now out of the top10 of fimi top digital download songs, the italian official chart. Celebration is up from #48 to #45
As we were the first online to reveal you that "Give me all your luvin'" was the greatest gainer on dance/club play song #9, let's make now a recap of the Billboard charts this week, waiting for Girl Gone Wild debut next time!

Give me all your luvin' down to #10, while Celebration is up on artist chart #48
And... the Sticky & Sweet Tour re-enter #90.      Italy loves M!
Give me all your luvin' and Celebration on US charts this week